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Junk removal and recycling Tips

Junk removal is the removal, disposal and/or recycling of waste material or unwanted items San Antonio. For example, some unwanted items that may be chunked as junk from the property could be mattresses, boxsprings, cabinets, yard debris and other items that can be categorized as bulky items such as; washers/dryers, refrigerators, and furniture etc...


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Making much needed extra space

Decluttering the Garage

Junk removal can free up a lot of extra space in the home, garage, shed or storage unit San Antonio. By removing excess junk or rubbish a space can provide other useful opportunities for use as workspaces or more storage for other items. Decluttering is about getting rid of unwanted waste/trash and unused items such as; bulky items or even older appliances that may not be in use. Decluttering can be done fairly easily when done in conjunction with a junk removal company in your area San Antonio.


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Keeping the Community Junk Free

Benefits of Junk Removal

Junk Removal Services San Antonio is rubbish/debris that has to be removed from the property you own. Properties that have been damaged by a fire, storm, heavy rain, or other natural disasters must be cleaned out and further removal of junk is important for • Rising Health and safety Issues • Betterment of society • Removal of other hazardous pollutants • Recycling of the needed materials.


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You, the customer, San Antonio is our first priority.

We here at Junk N Stuff want to solve your problem and do it as efficiently and orderly as possible.

We deliver quality

Junk and Stuff Removal Services strives to provide Quality services In junk removal to our customers San Antonio.

Always on time

San Antonio we are a junk removal service and we understand that your time is precious and so here at Junk and Stuff Removal Services We value your time.

We are pasionate

Junk and Stuff Removal Services employees are the best in the industry and tend to wear they're heart on their sleeves. We treat every customer as if they are part of our junk removal family San Antonio.

Professional Services

Professionalism Is just not a word here at Junk and Stuff Removal Services San Antonio It is a part of our culture, which includes uniformed employees and a professional attitude toward our valued customers San Antonio.


Our Services

Junk Removal management

Our services include: Apartment clean-outs, hot tub removal, hoarder house and garage clean-outs.In addition, San Antonio, our services include appliance removal, mattress, and couch removals.

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Our Services


Hauling services include landscping substrate such as gravel, dirt, and rock San Antonio. Call for an estimate for delivery.

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Our Services

Demolition Services

Interior Residential and commercial building demolition services and material removal San Antonio.

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Customer Reviews

Check out some of the things our customers are saying about our junk removal services San Antonio

Junk N Stuff Removal Services cleaned out my shed and garage. The price was affordable and it saved me a lot of time and freed up much needed space. I highly recommend them.



I had bought a new couch and fridge for my home but had no way of getting ride of the old ones, so I called Junk N Stuff Removal Services and was given a great price. The removal service was quick and painless. Thank You



I own a few real estate properties and from time to time I get a renter who leaves junk n stuff in the property. This use to be a problem but now I just call Junk N Stuff Removal Services here in San Antonio and job done.


KEN smith

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